Go Ahead! events aim is to support entrepreneurs & business people in all areas of economic activity, and to strengthen their confidence in the principles of freedom, self-responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our events are participatory—we totally encourage dialogue and the transfer of knowledge. Such an exchange of ideas expands the horizon, encourages responsible action and strengthens entrepreneurial thinking.

Go Ahead! stands for dynamic topics—current, diverse and disruptive.

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Have a look at video of our past events—inspiring, educational and empowering
for entrepreneurs, business people and sales.

Power Breakfast #77

Insights into the Marketing of the Largest Private TV Group in Austria

by Michael Stix
How ProSiebenSat.1 Pulse 4 became the digital media and e-ventures house.
Power Breakfast #77

The Big Data Challenge

by Rudolf Klausnitzer
Old business models are becoming obsolete and new opportunities are emerging. According to Profitability and Sustainability, Datability is now a benchmark for companies.
Power Breakfast #76

Web technology dynamics create a new Sales intelligence

by Nikolaus Kimla
Fit for the future and transforming your business, understanding the new paradigm in sales and the core principles that you need for sustainable growth beyond the first millions. For that reason, the organizations require “the spirit of an organization“; principles for forming the core of management effectiveness to reach these…
Power Breakfast 71 › Christian Ohswald
Power Breakfast #75

Networking at an Impasse — Events as a One-way Communication?

by Christian Ohswald
Economic dynamics and complexity require flexible access to knowledge and contacts. Social networks have quickly become an integral part of our lives - but does it actually help us to make economic contacts? Conference and event visits give us an opportunity to discuss and cooperate - but are they actually…
Power Breakfast 71 › Nikolaus Kimla
Power Breakfast #75

The New Era of Sales

by Nikolaus Kimla
Over the past 20 years, the focus has mostly been on customer management, ignoring the related issue of sales management. Today it is vitally important that you as a seller are trusted and believed. The anonymous seller is out! Recognizing this reality creates lasting success and increases your reach.
Power Breakfast Germany: Manfred Kastner
Power Breakfast #71

The Austrian School as the Impetus for a New Economic Order

by Manfred Kastner
The question of whether the free market or state regulation caused the crisis requires an honest answer: What share do the welfare state and its structures have in the crisis? Is state welfare necessary? Is it desirable? Or does the restoration of individual freedom and the extension of self-responsibility make…

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About Go Ahead!

Go Ahead! is a leading international think tank from and for entrepreneurs, broadly addressing leadership, sales and sales management. Its aim is to support entrepreneurs in all areas of economic activity and to strengthen their confidence in the principles of freedom, self-responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.

We are conscious of the fact that great things are always rooted in small things, and that everything begins with the individual.

We believe in the power of good ideas. According to leaders in the Austrian School of Economic Thought, the great ideas—although they may take time—will always win.

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