Go Ahead! events aim is to support entrepreneurs & business people in all areas of economic activity, and to strengthen their confidence in the principles of freedom, self-responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our events are participatory—we totally encourage dialogue and the transfer of knowledge. Such an exchange of ideas expands the horizon, encourages responsible action and strengthens entrepreneurial thinking.

Go Ahead! stands for dynamic topics—current, diverse and disruptive.

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Have a look at video of our past events—inspiring, educational and empowering
for entrepreneurs, business people and sales.

Power Breakfast #91

The Next Big Disruption Has Arrived

by Nikolaus Kimla
Digital Automation is the biggest disruption since Cloud Computing (and may even be bigger) yet most people do not yet understand the magnitude of its impact. Nikolaus Kimla will explain how Digital Automation will finally enable systems to work seamlessly together and for businesses to achieve levels of efficiency never…
Power Breakfast #91

Being The Best You!

by John Golden
John Golden will talk about how to prepare for any professional engagement whether sales-related or other. What to do when you actually engage, plus what pitfalls to look out for and how to ensure you leave a positive, lasting impression. These 5 ways are simple and easy to implement and…
business summit 2009 › John Naisbitt
Business Summit ’09

Balancing Top-down and Bottom-up

by John Naisbitt
How a strong state structure and a vigorous citizen participation have created China‘s new social economic model. Hayek would be astonished.
business summit 2009 › Claus Vogt
Business Summit ’09

The Current Financial and Economic Crisis in Light of the Austrian Theory of the Economic Cycle

by Claus Vogt
The causal link between monetary policy and the economic cycle has long been clarified. The bankers, who like to play the role of a world rally, are really the arsonists.
business summit 2009 › Michael G. Leube
Business Summit ’09

The Trading Animal

by Michael G. Leube
Overlaps of the Austrian School of Economics with anthropology.
business summit 2009 › Christian M. Köck
Business Summit ’09

Health Care is Our Concern

by Christian M. Köck
We have become accustomed to delegating the questions of health and disease, life and death to medicine and the state.

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About Go Ahead!

Go Ahead! is a leading international think tank from and for entrepreneurs, broadly addressing leadership, sales and sales management. Its aim is to support entrepreneurs in all areas of economic activity and to strengthen their confidence in the principles of freedom, self-responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.

We are conscious of the fact that great things are always rooted in small things, and that everything begins with the individual.

We believe in the power of good ideas. According to leaders in the Austrian School of Economic Thought, the great ideas—although they may take time—will always win.

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