The first Go Ahead! Power Breakfast, hosted by Nikolaus Kimla, took place in Vienna, Austria in 2004, and was simply a networking event at which 2 top business experts made presentations. These events proved incredibly successful, and following the 8th such event, the series of events was formally named Go Ahead!

Nikolaus soon realized that Go Ahead! should be a platform with a solid intellectual foundation. He then based Go Ahead! in principles taken from the Austrian School of Economic Thought: Freedom, Self-Responsibility and Entrepreneurship. He came up with the motto for Go Ahead! which is “Lead Responsibly.”

The platform proved exceedingly popular. By the time Nikolaus brought Go Ahead! to the US in 2014, Go Ahead! had hosted more than 80 Power Breakfasts, as well as 3 incredibly successful Business Summits.

The first US Power Breakfast took place in 2014, at Red Bull North America in Santa Monica. The capacity attendance was treated to powerful presentations by Thomas Tippl, COO of Activision Blizzard, and CEO of Pipeliner Sales Nikolaus Kimla.

Since that time there have been many more all over the US, and there are many more to come! Check our Upcoming Events schedule here.