Go Ahead! is at its essence a vehicle for the exchange of ideas. Ideas that range from business, to economics, to societal impact and beyond. Through its various in-person events such as Power Breakfasts, and Conferences, Go Ahead! brings speakers with a wide diversity of expertise and opinions together with intellectually curious audiences across the globe. The confluence of experts and audience creates the dynamic environment where breakthrough thinking happens.

Go Ahead! The Name
Go Ahead! is about positive, forward momentum generated by those who freely choose to lead for the betterment of society and humankind

Go Ahead! Motto
The motto of Go Ahead! is…

Leading responsibly.

Leading responsibly stands for prudent planning, personal accountability, responsibility for those being led, a positive attitude and a desire to always move forward.

Go Ahead! is an initiative of Pipelinersales Inc. and part of The Pipeliner Family of Platforms.