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Los Angeles, CA, Sept 13, 2017

Go Ahead! today launched its new website to facilitate its global growth and the increasing demand for high quality in person events for entrepreneurs and businesspeople in general.

The new site makes it easy for users to learn about upcoming events, register for events, review past events and access material from events. This allows them to not only attend events in their area but also become part of the global Go Ahead! community.

“The success of Go Ahead! requires a website that can support its growth and bring the message of responsible leadership to a wider audience” said Nikolaus Kimla, Executive Director of Go Ahead! and Founder & CEO of Pipeliner CRM “We are delighted to be able to bring such great speakers and thought leaders to our growing, global audience and this website will help facilitate that.

Go Ahead events support entrepreneurs & business people in all areas of economic activity, and to strengthen their confidence in the principles of freedom, self-responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. The events are participatory in nature where dialogue and the transfer of knowledge are encouraged. Such an exchange of ideas expands the horizon, encourages responsible action and strengthens entrepreneurial thinking.

The new website can be found at

About Go Ahead!

Go Ahead! is at its essence a vehicle for the exchange of ideas. Ideas that range from business, to economics, to societal impact and beyond. Through its various in-person events such as Power Breakfasts, and Conferences, Go Ahead! brings speakers with a wide diversity of expertise and opinions together with intellectually curious audiences across the globe. The confluence of experts and audience creates the dynamic environment where breakthrough thinking happens.