Andreas Reinisch has focused in CSR-corporate social responsibility, science and spirituality since the sale of the Society for Advertising Material Distribution" (2001) which was founded by him. The Austrian Network Business Ethics and TRIGOS - the Austrian Award for CSR which  Renisch co-initiates, shows that ethics and economy can go hand in hand, and that this is the basis of economic success. He is active in Business Data Consulting GmbH, and in his own consultancy reinisch-RESPONSibility.

In 2001 Reinisch founded the Humans.Circle network with personalities from business, NPO's, NGO's, science, policy and media for events and as a forum with the motto "creative cordial connections." Future-oriented value strategies with "open mind & open heart" have been pursued since 2007 under the cooperation of the Open Minded & Humans.Circle networks.